Tuesday, December 23, 2014

vision leaks - part 5 (patience)

If you want to experience growth and success in life, you have to keep moving forward with a great attitude and heart even when you don't see the results you desire or expect.  This is the essence of patience.  And patience is fundamental to spiritual maturity and leadership.

The apostle Peter motivated his followers by pointing them to God's promises and then reminding them to be patient.  (2 Peter 3:8) says, "A day is like a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years is like a day."

A Couple Thoughts...
1. Don't be a time keeper!
Those who watch the clock with an expectation of when they should get what they think they should get will deteriorate their patience which is their only ability to ultimately receive from God.

2. Don't be a score keeper!
Those who try to keep score by comparing what others have and how long it took them to get what they have will deteriorate their patience which is their only ability to ultimately receive from God.

What are your thoughts?
?Are you a time keeper?
?Are you a score keeper?

Monday, December 15, 2014


Its working even when it doesn't seem like its working!  You can't quit simply because you're not seeing the results you want to see.

The Apostle Peter reminded his team how important it is to stay in faith.  In (2 Peter 3:5 NLT) he reveals the plight of the doubter.
v5 "They deliberately forget that God made the heavens long ago by the word of His command, and He brought the earth out from the water."

A Couple Thoughts...
1. Doubt is Deliberate!
You have to work really hard to NOT see God at work.  So, be deliberate to remind yourself that it IS working.  God is working even when it doesn't seem like He's working.

2. Faith looks at the Past!
Peter told his team to remember all that God had done before and that God is still in the miracle working business.  Don't forget!  Remember, if He did it before He can do it again.  Remembering the hand of God in your past can be fuel to see His hand in your present and future.

?Where have you been deliberately doubting?
?What situation do you need to be reminded of today where God came through in a big way?

Monday, December 8, 2014


Doubt is your greatest enemy--and it will always by persistently present.

The Apostle Peter was reminding his team in 2 Peter 1:3 that "scoffers" will come.  A scoffer is a derider, false teacher or mocker.  They/it creates and fuels doubt.

The scoffer or doubter will say things like:  "It's not working!"  "Where is all the money, staff/leaders, clients or people?  Shouldn't there be more by now?  Shouldn't we be further along?"

A Couple Thoughts...
1. Doubt isn't present because we're failing.  It's present because we're doing something extraordinary!

We need to be personally reminded when we're doubting that what we're experiencing is normal and expected.  And, if you're a leader, you need to be spewing that truth into your team.

2. You need to remain strong and stable in the midst of doubt.

I'm reminding you today that doubt and doubters will come.  I'm reminding you so that it won't knock you off course and so that you will see doubt for what it is; A LIE!

?What are the consistent doubts that come your direction?
?Do those doubts come through those on your team or closest to you?
If so, you may need to limit the time and influence you give those people.