Monday, January 19, 2015

vision leaks - part 6 (vision)

Remember:  Since vision leaks, we need to be reminded about...

Words - what was said a long time ago and what the current words/values are.
Doubt will come--from within and without.
Faith looks at the past and future.  What has been done and what is to come.
Patience - the timing and score belong to God.
Vision - People need Jesus.  And God the creator wants a relationship with them!!!

Peter stirs up his followers concerning the BIG PICTURE. (2 Peter 3:1-9)

A Couple Thoughts...
1. What is more important to you...being recognized by people or helping people recognize Jesus?

2. Are you using people to build the church or are you using the church to build people?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


What do you do when you face an obstacle to your vision or dream?  What do you do when you "can't" or "haven't"?

In Mark 2:3-4 we find four men burdened to see their paralyzed friend experience the providing hand of Jesus.  They bring him to where Jesus is but they can't actually GET TO Jesus.  They can SEE Jesus, but they're not close enough to experience His providing hand.

Verse 4 in the NLT version of the Bible says, When they "COULDN'T"... they "DUG".  Its time to DIG!  It's time to DIG in some odd and unfamiliar places!  Don't give up on your dream or vision simply because you're disappointed, tired, or facing an obstacle.  DIG!

The 21 day #BreakthroughFast is a way of DIGGING.  Change your diet.  Remove some pleasant types of food or fast a specific meal each day to DIG to where Jesus is so that you can experience His miraculous hand of provision that will blow the minds of those watching your life.

?What obstacle are you facing?
?How are you "digging" during the 21 day Breakthrough Fast?