Monday, June 14, 2010

Access FLC

We have created a "simple" way for new people to understand the vision of Family Life Church and to "quickly" become a part, connecting in meaningful relationships and service.

Yesterday was the second Sunday of the month, which means Access FLC happened! 6 new people came to gain "access" to the vision, DNA & strategy of the church. I love seeing those who have only been to FLC 2 or 3 times taking ownership of the vision. My heart is not that people will help "ME" fulfill "MY" vision. The vision is to help people discover "THEIR" God-given gifts and passions and then to assist "THEM" in fulfilling "THEIR" destiny.

Church (the systems & processes of the church) truly should be simple and as organic as possible. "So easy a caveman can do it." Some processes in churches are so cumbersome and complicated that new people are alienated and disconnected for so long that they just don't get involved. Maybe it is to create job security for leaders? I sure hope not. My friend Matt Keller, lead pastor of Next Level Church in Ft. Meyers, FL says, "We need to put the cookies on the bottom shelf." I like that! Because, "If people don't connect, they will disconnect."

People don't need a semester in seminary to unload a trailer, set-up/tear-down church environments, usher, greet, or brew coffee. They don't need Bible school classes and credits to mix sound, do lighting, love babies or play drums. Certainly, there are some areas of ministry where the process of involvement is a little more detailed. However, our goal as leaders should be to figure out how to simplify not complicate the system. Just remember, you can't "know those who labor among you" if they are just sitting in a class hearing someone speak.

"PLACE" people for faithfulness and then they can be "PLANTED" for fruitfulness.

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