Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Let the Players Play!

The leader or coach's job is to prepare his or her team for game day.  Whether it's a stadium full of people with the entire world watching or a crowd of 100 people about to experience church; the big day is a big deal.

Coaches (pastor in my case) can and should get out on the field during practice.  Show the players how to run the play.  Demonstrate the blocking assignment.  Teach.  Train.  Explain.  Set your players up for a win.  But when game day comes, Let The Players Play!

Coach before the game.  Coach at halftime.  Coach after the game is over.  But, while the clock is running, stay off the field!  Sometimes, the only way the players will learn and grow to play at a higher level is if we let them experience the necessary pain of blowing an assignment that costs the game.  Believe me, they want to win as much or more than the coach.  So, they'll learn from their mistakes...if we let them make a few.

It's hard to watch a player, team, game, or church experience crash and burn.  But, you'll be developing leaders and there will be more wins in your future if you learn to Let The Players Play on game day.


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