Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Who is Bigger than What!

I've been in ministry leadership since 1992 and the longer God allows me to do this deal the more I'm convinced that it's who I'm with that matters more than what I'm doing.  Relationships are life.  Relationships are everything!

I recently heard of a young man leaving a church staff because he wasn't passionate about EVERYTHING he was responsible for.  His job description included his sweet spot, but he was also asked to do a few things he didn't love.  He and his pastor had known each other for years and there had been rich investments by the pastor into the friend/staff member.  The pastor is one of the most relational, inspiring and supportive leaders I've ever met.  I'd move to his city in a heartbeat to just be around him!  And even though my friend was committed to work with his young staff member and invest in his personal growth, it wasn't enough. He left to seek out his "calling".

My observation is that the young man was more concerned with opportunity and position than being around healthy leadership.

Here's my advice to young leaders (any leader really):
* Seek a Person Not a Position!

If there's a respectable leader willing to invest in you and your growth...you've hit the jackpot!  Look no further.  God uses healthy people and relationships to develop us.  You can learn the what and how of ministry almost anywhere.  But, if there's not a deep connection with a leader that believes in you, loves you, stretches you, and develops you; you're toast.

You'll never be fulfilled if you're not serving with people who fill you. (No matter what you're doing or accomplishing.)

God calls us to people and places, not positions!

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