Monday, July 7, 2014

This is going to hurt...

I was asked a couple weeks ago to encourage some young leaders concerning how to handle correction.  Here's what I shared.

We need to increase our pain threshold.  We think if it hurts, its bad.  We think if it hurts, we have permission to quit and leave.  We'd never make it on Jesus' staff or team.

One time, "Jesus rebuked Peter, saying, 'Get behind Me, Satan!'" (Mark 8:33)  Imagine how you would respond if your pastor or leader brought it to your attention that you might be listening to the devil?

Then, in John 21:17, Peter was hurt that Jesus asked him the same question 3 times.  I find it interesting that Jesus didn't stop at Peter's quick, surface, off the cuff response.  Jesus followed up on Peter and pressed in until it hurt.  Jesus asked questions that were annoying and off-putting to Peter.

A Couple Thoughts...
1. Growth comes in the pain.

We'll only grow to the level of the pain we're willing to endure.  A leader must press into the pain and have necessary hard conversations with team members.  A subordinate must be ready and willing to receive those hard conversations.  Don't run from it, run to it.

Proverbs 27:5 says, "Open rebuke is better than love carefully concealed."
If we love them, and want them to grow, we'll hold them accountable, and lovingly correct.

2. Those hungry to grow take correction as sweet.

"A satisfied soul loathes the honeycomb, but to a hungry soul every bitter thing is sweet." (Proverbs 27:7 NKJV)

To those who are satisfied, thinking they're doing a great job and are settled into their role as a leader, even the good things they experience are like trying to eat "just one more bite" at the buffet.  But for those who are hungry for more, even correction (bitter thing) seems sweet, because they're desperate for growth.

Are you satisfied or hungry?
How do you respond to correction and accountability?




  1. Where does one draw the line between a rebuke and [opinionated] criticism?

  2. @beuteful,

    That's where wisdom comes into play. Consider the source. Who are you allowing to speak into your life? If we know God's voice by spending time in His Presence & in His Word....we'll know who we are to submit ourselves to. Every follower of Jesus needs to be planted in a church, serving on a team and submitted to a leader. Everyone needs a "Paul" (mentor) in their life. Everyone needs someone to speak to their high potential/purpose/calling. 2Timothy 1:9. There's a big difference between rebuke & criticism. It's the spirit/attitude behind it. Correction will inspire you & challenge you to reach higher, even when it hurts. Be teachable! But on the other hand... Criticism (if taken to heart from the wrong source) can tear you down with discouragement. It's our job to guard our hearts & to know God's true voice & to know WHO He's called us to align ourselves with towards our calling. Hope this helps!