Monday, June 16, 2014

It's not about you!

I walked into my bank recently and wished I never had to return.  It was super quiet.  No music playing.  There were only 2 employees visible.  One behind the main counter and one in an office on the phone.  Neither seemed too excited to be there.  It was dark, with many of the lights off.

Great customer service is a passion of mine, so I at times share what I think are insightful observations to those I think can or want to make a difference in their place of business.  At least, I'll share what I feel will make the experience worth my returned business.

Here's what happened next...
(me) "Its so quiet in here.  There's no music playing?"  I'm thinking she forgot to turn the music on.
(bank employee) "I don't need music.  These machines are noisy enough."
(me) "The music is for your customers.  It feels like a ghost town in here."
(b.e.) After a placating laugh "Oh, we're not allowed to play music."

My next stop was to another bank where I was pleasantly serenaded as I walked in.  #truestory

A Couple Thoughts...
1.  Customer Service = Serve the Customer

Business owners or organization leaders: there are things you need to do for your customers or guests that may not initially benefit you but that make your guests/clients more comfortable.  Embrace it.

2.  Be a guest often.

The only way to become aware of what it feels like to be a guest is to be a guest.  Visit businesses that are new to you and take notes.  What makes you feel welcomed and valued?  Why?  What can translate into your business or organization that will add value to your guests?


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