Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 10: Prayer & Fasting

Read and SOAP 1 Samuel chapter 16

It’s time for a new king, Saul is out of control. The Lord sends Samuel to Bethlehem to find and annoint the next king. The shepherd boy who God has chosen is quite a surprise, not only to his family but to the experienced prophet as well!

God has given us gifts and talents that He’ll use for Kingdom purposes. We must not let our shortcomings determine if we are ready or not. Let us only ensure our heart is fully committed to saying “yes” to God. We must be careful to not judge anyone based solely on outer appearances.

“Heavenly Father, I pray that today You will use me to speak encouragement to others and work to uplift someone. Please show me someone with the heart to do what You have called them to do and give me the courage to come alongside them. Strengthen me with boldness to pray with them in spite of where they are in their life. Amen.”

(Blog reposted with permission from Awake21.org)

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