Thursday, January 19, 2012

Day 5: Prayer & Fasting

Read and SOAP Mark chapter 5

The demon-possessed man was struggling with something that not only kept him up all night, but it was also something he had dealt with for a very long time. He was in constant agony and wanted relief so badly. He would cut himself out of frustration, irritation and desperation, wondering why he was dealing with this issue.

Do you ever find yourself so frustrated that you hurt not only yourself but others? Ever struggle about why you’re in a particular situation? Notice that in this passage, the man saw Jesus, ran to Him, laid it down at His feet and was changed forever. After this encounter with the Messiah, he was purposely sent back to his home town so people could see the change that Jesus made in him.

“Heavenly Father, I pray that today I would have the kind of resolve it takes to lay my burdens at Your feet. I am faced with so much and I know that You care about every last detail of my life. Create a testimony through my experiences that will reach others some day and bring You the glory You deserve. Amen.”

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