Saturday, January 21, 2012

Day 7: Prayer & Fasting

Read and SOAP 1 Samuel chapter 14

Jonathan and his armor bearer made room for God to act on their behalf. They had the perspective that God was bigger than them and able to do more than they could. They also understood that God did not have the same limitations or hindrances that they were subject to.

In this season, we should make room for God in our lives through every means available: praying, fasting, giving, devotions. When we make room for God to operate in our lives, He can do much more to fix our situations than we can. When we submit areas of our lives to God, He can remove the hindrances and push past our personal limitations.

“Lord, I ask You to show me areas of personal limitation in my life. I know that You want to bring a breakthrough in this area and I pray You would show me how to make room for You to move. Show me, teach me, guide me and change me, Father. You are bigger than I am and can do way more than I can! Amen.”

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